Hip Pain
Patient Testimonial: “After months of enduring pain in my hip and many ineffective trips to the doctor, I decided to try acupuncture. A friend of mine spoke very highly of how good Pamela was at helping her, so I decided to give her a try. I went in to my first appointment hopeful, but skeptical. I cannot believe how good I felt after just one treatment! And now I wake up in the morning and can easily get out of bed and walk without pain. I can work out without pain. I can sit down without pain. I can stretch and move in normal ways without being blinded by pain. I could not be happier to have found a result that actually worked and without having to use pain medication! I highly recommend Pamela! In fact, the very day after my appointment I had already recommended her to a friend of mine.” –M.M.

Recovery from Chemotherapy, Surgery, Breast Cancer and Serious Nerve, Joint, and Muscle Pain
Patient Testimonial: “Pam spent a lot of time with me, explaining and treating with acupuncture. I received quite a bit of relief. My only issue with her practice is that she is 2 plus hours from my home.”   –S.C.

Bone Spurs on Lumbar Spine
Patient Testimonial: “I have a bone spur growing into my nerve at the L3-4 level and surgery is not an option right now. I have had nerve blocks, which usually last about 3 weeks at a time, but can only get blocks about every 3 months. I decided I would try acupuncture. I called Friday afternoon and was able to get in Monday. I was very impressed. The appointment was two hours long and the entire time I was being taken care of. Pamela Bayers is very detailed on where the pain is and where it transfers to. As Pamela started to insert the needles, she had me take a deep breath each time of insertion, as not to feel any pain. She is a delight to work with and is really concerned about each patient. Since each patient must lay for awhile as the needles do their work, she goes to another patient and checks on them and then comes right back to me. She had two of us going at the same time and I didn’t realize she had another patient. I would not hesitate to use Pamela Bayers again. I feel so much better even after just one treatment. In fact, I have another appointment next Thursday.” –S.T

Pain in Arm
Patient Testimonial: A while back, I woke up and was unable to move my right arm. I went to a medical doctor and they x-rayed it. They gave me some medicine and it didn’t work. I would have to use my left arm to lift my right arm in the shower for example. After seeing Pamela one time and having her acupuncture performed on me, I now have mobility in my right arm. It is still a little stiff however, now I can finally make a fist and move my arm. If I was able to see Pamela often, I believe it would help me even more.” –C.M.

Cirrhosis of the Liver, Six Months to Live
Patient Testimonial: “I have cirrhosis of the liver and six years ago my doctor told me that I had six months. I have been taking herbs from Health and Harmony for my liver, depression, and appetite. I weighed barely 90 pounds and was on my death bed when I met Pam. Now I am feeling much better and am a healthy weight. It’s been years since my first visit. I am alive because of her. She knows exactly who I am when I call and I think that is just phenomenal.” –L.M.

Arm and Elbow Pain
Patient Testimonial: “My arm and elbow have hurt for a year. After Pam Bayers did three acupuncture treatments on them, they feel great.” –D.L

Neck Pain
Patient Testimonial: “I was experiencing neck pain that radiated down my right arm, causing my thumb to go numb and my right shoulder with constant pain at a level of about an 8 on a scale of 10. I had tried a chiropractor with no satisfaction. In fact, it was worse. My mother-in-law told me about Pamela Bayers and I was ready to try anything to get some relief. After 2 visits, about 7 or 8 months apart, symptoms and pain are gone and after 2-3 years, have not returned. After the first treatment, the pain went away for 7 or 8 months, at which time I went back for the 2nd treatment. It has now been 2 ½ years and symptoms and pains are gone.” –S.H.

Severe Hip Pain for Two Weeks
Patient Testimonial: “It’s amazing. I got so much relief from just one treatment.” –M.P.  7/17/2012

Pain in Shoulder and Back, Herniated Cervical Spine
Patient Testimonial: “I have had muscle spasms in my left shoulder and back for over seven months. I also have a herniated disk in my neck and have taken numerous prescription pain medications and had a cervical cortisone injection. I received no relief whatsoever. I felt my only other option was surgery, as I was losing the ability to use my left arm. Since my first acupuncture treatment, my pain isn’t even half of what it was. As I was skeptical of acupuncture and did it as a last resort, I can’t tell you how amazed I am at the relief I received. I would certainly recommend it for anyone with muscular pain.” –K.P.

Back Pain, Knee Pain, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Congestive Heart Failure
Patient Testimonial: “Acupuncture is a miracle! I’m 82 and I feel ten years younger. My movement is good and I can stand up and not feel like I’m going to break. Acupuncture is my get along. I also have COPD and CHF but I don't feel like it because I get acupuncture. I love acupuncture!” –J.P.  5/1/2012

Patient Testimonial: “I think Pam is a miracle worker. She took away a lot of pain I was having both physically and mentally. I’ve tried everything from epidurals to pain pills and acupuncture is what worked.” –W.S.  4/5/2012

Anxiety, Grief, Insomnia
Patient Testimonial: “…was so tight it felt like a constant strain. I felt so sad and grief stricken. Then after acupuncture, something opened up. The negativity has changed and my anxiety is 95% better. Before, I wasn’t able to sleep and now I sleep fine. I have done a lot of things to help myself, but this has really helped.” –R.L.  3/21/2012

Patient Testimonial: “I have extensive arthritis in the sacroiliac that causes pain when I perform ordinary tasks. Pam Bayers gave me five acupuncture treatments and I can now walk for over an hour without pain. Furthermore, I no longer experience tiredness in my legs after a nights sleep. It is a joy to feel some youth again at 83 years of age.” –M.S.

 Trigeminal Neuralgia
Patient Testimonial: “About 8 years ago I found out I was experiencing Trigeminal Neuralgia. Which is severe pain usually on the right side of the face, starting in the lower jaw due to the wearing away of the coating of the trigeminal nerve.  My neurologist and I started trying out medications to see which I could tolerate. After a few months we got it pretty much worked out and after affects of the medications were also something I was learning to cope with, then the pain became worse and was there even with the medications. At this time, the doctor said there were other treatments, however they were invasive. Around this time, I began hearing about acupuncture and the success people were having in areas where medication was not an option. I was very wary of this, as I’m not much into needles, but I really listened to acupuncture’s success and decided to give it a try. I was then recommended to Pamela Bayers by my doctor. I went to her office to schedule an appointment and received my first treatment within a few days. It wasn’t scary like I expected and the staff are so soft spoken and very thorough in getting my history with TN to make a treatment plan that fits my needs specifically. After just a few treatments, I began to feel better, now I was still taking the medications, but I was feeling so much better. I began feeling less fatigued and some of the side effects of the meds seemed to be less. At this time, I have had several treatments and I have not felt this well in several years. I can hardly wait to tell my doctor and I hope he will start taking me off at least one of the meds. I am telling my family and friends about Pamela and they tell me they see a huge difference in me. This is all so good.” –L.M.  12/4/2011

 Tennis Elbow
Patient Testimonial: “I had two acupuncture treatments for my tennis elbow and have had no problems with it since. That was six years ago. This was a problem my MD couldn’t help me with.” –M.L. 9/13/2011

Sinus Relief
Patient Testimonial: “I was once scared and a skeptic when it came to trying acupuncture, but now I’m an advocate and big fan. When I first came to Health and Harmony, I had a polyp building in my left nasal cavity and scheduled to have immediate surgery. After medications and acupuncture, I no longer required surgery at the time. I feel 100% better after several sessions and I am immensely humble to say acupuncture has brought relief to my sinus condition.” –R.C.  11/11/2010

Sinus Infection
Patient Testimonial: “I have been going to Pamela Bayers for over 3 years. My mother also gets treatments from her. She has helped me stay healthy, treating my sinus infection, flu, hot flashes, and overall immune system support.” –T.C.

 Anxiety, Pain, Fatigue, Sugar Cravings
Patient Testimonial: “I’m 57 years old and have several different medical problems. I have been to various different doctors and I have taken many different kinds of medications, herbs, etc. My energy level on a scale of 1-10 was a 2. I had even been taking prescription medications for pain and anxiety. It wasn’t doing me much good. I had been smoking for 30 plus years and also I was a junkie for sweets, especially chocolate. My friend got me to go to Health and Harmony to see Pam Bayers. She is wonderful! I never have felt so at ease as I did when I met her. She is such a sweet and kind person who really cares about people. She doesn’t rush you in and out of her office like others do. She explains things in a way that is helpful. After my first treatment I could tell an amazing difference. After 3 treatments, my pain is gone and my anxiety and energy is much better and I don’t give in to chocolate. Here’s to you. Pam! You rock!” –S.B.

General Pain
Patient Testimonial: “Pam is one of God’s healers, the highest calling anyone could have. She has cured problems that traditional medicine, drugs, and exercising failed to resolve, but she did. I will always recommend Pam to my family, friends, and people I meet.” –M.

 Neck and Upper Back Pain
Patient Testimonial: “I injured my neck/upper back, could hardly move, and was in a lot of pain. Pam fit me in, even though I was a new patient, and spent several hours each visit treating me on three separate days in one week. Pam even called me the day after my first treatment to find out how I was doing and check in with me. The treatments were helpful. I will say that the office environment was not the greatest, but Pam makes up for it in her bedside manner, attention, and skill. It would not stop me from returning.”  –S.W.

Post Surgical Complications, Back Pain
Patient Testimonial: I had post surgical complications. I couldn't move my bowels/intestines, I had fever and chills. I hurt my back from laying in bed. I did physical therapy, ultrasound, TENS and massage 3 times a week for two and a half months. After 3 1/2 months, I could lift a pencil. After my first acupuncture treatment, I felt better than after 2 1/2 months of physical therapy. After my second acupuncture treatment, I was pain free. –P.D.

Interstitial Cystitis                                                                                                                                                                                                   In the Spring of 2005, I came down with what I thought was a UTI. It wasn’t the first time I had one, so I recognized the symptoms: frequent urgent urination, and pelvic pain. I went to the university health center and the urine test came back negative, but they prescribed an antibiotic just in case. I finished the round of antibiotics and still felt no improvement. I couldn’t sit through my classes without desperately fighting the urge to go to the bathroom.. I went back to the physician at the university health center and she seemed at a loss as to what to think so she referred me to an urologist. After a few more weeks of discomfort, I finally met with him. But the news was dismal. He was 99% sure that I had interstitial cystitis (he suggested a ballooning of the bladder to be positive, but I declined). The worst part was that this was a chronic condition with many treatment options, but none that had proven effective. He suggested that I start with changing my diet and then we could discuss treatment options. Some were extreme and invasive others consisted of taking pills with possible side effects and little possibility of alleviating symptoms. I gave up caffeine and alcohol and took up exercising. I tried to mend my diet by avoiding sugars and white flour, but I found no relief. I was at a point that I could barely sit through my classes or focus on my homework. I had constant pelvic pain and an urgent need to go to the bathroom about every twenty minutes at times. It was excruciating, and I was beginning to become very depressed. Finally, my sister referred me to an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, Pam Bayers. Though I knew little about acupuncture, I was willing to try anything. I had also read online that others with IC had found relief through this treatment.  She began a treatment of acupuncture and Chinese herbs about mid –summer (July if memory serves me).  After only a few weeks my symptoms began to improve and by the time the holiday season began, I was completely symptom free. After only six sessions of acupuncture and less than six months of taking Chinese herbs, I was completely cured. I have been without symptoms now for five years and it is all thinks to acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  -B.F.


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